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Industrial Automation is the backbone of today’s manufacturing. In order to maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and lower cost, implementation of Industrial Automation is necessary. Automation has changed over time and will continue to change as the year's progress and new technologies are discovered. CBT is here to provide you not only industry-leading automation products but decades of experience and on-demand support.

Outside Automation Specialists - in the field
Inside Automation Specialists - in the office for on-demand support
Hi-Tech Specialists - specializing in the newest technologies
Over 400
years of combined experience - at your fingertips

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Partnered with the best in the business, CBT is the region’s largest full-service industrial automation supplier carrying industry leading products ranging from PLC and operator interfaces to AC and DC drives, relays, timers, pushbuttons, and pilot lights. CBT can meet all your industrial automation needs.

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CBT Partners with Techman Robot

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The future is robotic and we’re embracing it. CBT is excited to announce our new partnership with Techman Robot, the second largest robotic development company in the world, focused on applying technology to enrich human life. CBT will now be your local distributor for the complete TM Robot product line, ensuring a collaborative robotic solution for your application.

Have Eyes on Your Processes 24/7 With Opticom Video Systems

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Let CBT and Opticom help you monitor your processes and equipment whenever, and wherever you are.

Ask The Expert: Machine Safety

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Safety products can improve the functional operation of your machinery while helping to increase personell safety, efficiency, and productivity. There are many questions surrounding proper use of these components in various applications, and CBT Hi-Tech Automation Specialist, John Simon, is here to answer them!

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