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Safety Services

Machine Safety

Conformity Audits/Machine Review – Provides complete checklist that shows compliance or non-compliance of pre-defined attributes relating to machine safety.

Hazard/Guarding Assessments – Provides a rapid approach to identifying unguarded or improperly guarded point of operation and power transmission hazards. This will identify appropriate and effective safeguarding measures for reducing risk.

Team-Based Risk Assessment – Team-based approach with Rockwell Automation, facility operations, maintenance, engineering, technicians, and set up personnel to identify primary hazards/tasks and list the non-compliance issues. Mitigation guarding and controls recommendations, along with safety improvements, are reported.

Lockout-Tagout – ESC takes the time to understand each company’s individual needs before creating a custom Lockout-Tagout solution or building upon what is already implemented to deliver both safety and efficiency.

Arc Flash Solutions

CBT can help identify issues that may lead to an arc flash. CBT’s offering of arc flash solutions includes:

  • Electric Power Systems Analysis
  • NFPA Compliance Training
  • Short Circuit Current Analysis
  • Overcurrent Protective Device
  • PPR Identification
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Coordination Analysis
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