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Vendor Managed Inventory

CBT offers a variety of customized inventory management services to provide your organization with solutions to the challenges facing your business. CBT understand that you need a partner that can decrease downtime, help maximize your profitability, prevent unexpected costs, and improve your plan’s efficiency. CBT has the right items and more importantly the dedicated experts with the technical knowledge to solve your issues. CBT strives to provide you with solutions on demand and to be recognized as your best business partner with our solutions on demand.

Storeroom Management

Your MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) inventory is maintained at levels that maximize operational efficiency. CBT’s tailored replenishment program ensures you have the right parts when you need them.


  • Reduce overall inventory levels and MRO costs
  • Improve MRO inventory management process and stock visibility
  • Improve maintenance decisions with accurate data that supports your production environment
  • Improve key performance indicators such as inventory accuracy, fill rate, shipped on time, cycle count accuracy, and order accuracy
  • Manage obsolescence
  • Reduce stockouts for increased uptime

Developing a Storeroom Management Program

Step 1: Evaluate: A storeroom assessment includes an analysis of your storeroom design, layout, inventory management processes, and storeroom operations, which can help identify critical issues and address operational gaps.

Step 2: Design: Once we have performed your storeroom assessment, we deliver the recommendations along with the financial impact of the identified issues. Keeping your KPIs and business drivers in the forefront, we partner with you to design a solution that tackles the identified issues.

Step 3:  Implement: What differentiates our approach is that we partner with you to implement your selected recommendations and treat the entire process as a project, complete with milestones.

Step 4:  Measure & Optimize: Our storeroom services impact a variety of KPIs such as fill rate, turns and inventory accuracy, which are identified in the assessment and evaluation phase. Each project is executed against these KPIs so that you see results. Improved storeroom customer service is another common result of our storeroom services.

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